Aeronaut Automation

Automated Cutting Systems & Software

Additional Equipment and Accessories

Aeronaut manufactures a very wide range of products from small cutters to cut composite materials to huge machines to cut fabric for tension membrane structures or stringers to lay fibres for membrane sails. Almost everyone's requirements are somewhat different, so Aeronaut makes a lot of different bits and pieces so that our cutters will work the way you want them to… and if we don't already make the parts you need, we can design something special.

The range of additional equipment and accessories made by Aeronaut includes:

  • Vacuum tables
  • Floor mounting kits for cutters
  • Fabric support rollers
  • Fabric feeder/puller systems
  • Computer stands
  • Mobile computer tables for interactive nesting
  • Multi-bay divisions on vacuum tables
  • Light boxes for fabric inspection
  • Digital pressure gauges for software cut pressure control
  • Wired and wireless remote control joysticks
  • Wireless pause controls
  • Ink jet marking systems
  • Overhead camera systems for pattern recognition
  • Overhead projector systems for interactive nesting
  • Gantry-mounted cameras for registration mark recognition
  • Software controlled overhead laser line pointers
  • Stapling systems for securing and cutting multi-layer fabric
  • Glue dispensing systems

You can read more about these accessories in this area of the website. If there's something you are looking for which is not detailed here, please contact Aeronaut and ask… we may have made it already.