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Ink Jet Marking

Aeronaut cutters can be fitted with ink jet options for off-contact marking.

The main reason for fitting an ink jet head to a cutter is to mark materials which can't be easily marked with a pen. Typically, these are coarse woven materials where a pen would get caught in the weave. The other reason is speed… if you need to mark more than just a few characters, a marker pen may be too slow. Aeronaut offers two types of ink jet print head. One is a full print head which prints a string of characters and/or bar codes onto fabric in a single pass. The other option is a pen type system where the pen is replaced by a single ink jet nozzle.

Ink Jet Print Head 

Aeronaut's Ink Jet Head is the best solution if you have a lot of printing to do, whether it is order and size information or just printing lines without contacting the fabric. The print head takes a fairly standard and reasonably priced industrial ink cartridge which contains the print nozzles. This means if the head gets clogged, when you change the cartridge, you also change the print nozzles. 

The print head can be loaded with common fonts and logo-like characters which can be printed up to 1/2" or 12.7mm high at speeds up to 600mm per second. The print head rotates to allow printing aligned to the X or the Y axis in both directions. A range of inks is available for printing onto porous and non-porous substrates including colours and UV ink. 


Ink Jet Pen 

If you need to mark coarser, rougher and very open weave, highly absorbent or furry materials where a conventional pen marker will get caught in the fabric or markings from an ink jet print head will be invisible, the Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen will do the job.

Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen

The Aeronaut Ink Jet Pen sits about 5mm above fabric and has a marking speed of well over a metre a second on all materials, quickly and effectively solving marking problems on difficult materials.

The Aeronaut ink jet pen uses a reliable and long life ink jet nozzle which uses low-cost and widely available inks. The ink jet Pen is synchronised with the speed of the plotter so a series of ink dots can be made with a line quality which can be adjusted in software from a dense solid line to a widely spaced dotted line with highly visible dot size of approx. 0.8mm-1.5mm.

A good range of ink types is available from industry suppliers in most countries in nomal and UV-visible types with a wide range of drying times.

  • Zero fabric contact
  • Highly visible marking
  • Very high marking speeds
  • Wide range of line types
  • Marks abrasive fabric
  • Marks coarse fabric
  • Marks open weave fabric
  • Marks furry fabric
  • Marks absorbent fabric
  • Wide range of ink types from third party suppliers