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ParaSol Awnings: Made for Shade:  The complete outdoor awnings and shades software solution from Aeronaut Automation.

ParaSol Awnings is the complete answer to designing outdoor awnings of all types and in all materials from mesh to PVC to striped and unstriped acrylic and poly-cotton canvas.

ParaSol has been built on 15 years of development and feedback from industry users and combines this broad experience into a comprehensive suite of software for indoor and outdoor window furnishings and shade structures. All ParaSol programs have a consistent and easy user interface which lets designers take on any type of shade work with confidence.

ParaSol Awnings has many new features such as horizontal seams and awning sides, rafters and eyelets for fixed awnings and drop curtains. Horizontal seams are ideal for working with mesh fabrics and give the great aesthetics and the optimal fabric use while reducing the time spent fabricating awning skins.


ParaSol Awnings can now handle products like drop curtains and cafe curtains where markings for rings, pull cords and rafters are required.

ParaSol Awnings Interface

ParaSol Awning's side feature creates side panels for fixed awnings in plain and striped fabrics. A range of customisable valances from scalloped to plain can be selected and matched to stripes if required.

Integrated database functions allow easy import, sorting and editing of styles and fabric information.

Selecting a striped fabric automatically sets parameters such as pattern repeat and scallop depth so pattern matching with stripes is as easy as using a plain fabric.

ParaSol fabric database

ParaSol has tools to handle the latest cutting technology with minimal operator effort... whether you’re cutting with a blade, ultrasonic, laser or crush cut. All these parameters are linked to templates and exported with each order list.

ParaSol will directly interface with automated cutting software templates to give precise and accurate control over cut and crease speeds and pressures to maximise product quality and minimise operator errors.

A key focus of the ParaSol development program has been to make customising designs, styles and workflow easier and faster and more flexible than before while retaining backwards compatibility with older designs.

ParaSol: Made for Shade by Aeronaut Automation