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Aeronaut does not specialise in the type of high-ply cutters which are common in the mass-production garment industry but we do sell cutters which are perfect for a lot of other work such as sample making, just-in-time and bespoke cutting, technical clothing, leather and short-run fashion where single and low ply cutting is the right way to cut.

There are two types of cutting technology used for this sort of garment work… reciprocating or oscillating blade cutting and rotary blade cutting. Rotary blades in 18 and 28mm diameters are probably the most commonly used tool. They can cut almost material and cutting with a rotary blade is fast and efficient. The drawback of rotary blades is that they cannot reproduce the detail that a reciprocating blade can but for most garment work, that high level of detail is not required.

The bayonet mount reciprocating blade tool which can be fitted on cutters like Aeronaut's Elektron B1 and Elektron B2 is perfect where more detail is required. It can cut layups over 15mm thick and cut remarkably hard material with ease. The drawback of recipro tool cutters is only that they are a little more expensive to buy than plain rotary blade cutters.

Aeronaut's Mikron cutter is ideal for fashion samples and short-run production. It is a fast, powerful and accurate cutter, simple to operate, reliable and very low maintenance. But most of all, the Mikron is very well priced, even compared with no-name products from China. The Mikron takes quick-change Cam-lock tooling so a wide range of tools can be fitted including 18mm and 28mm rotary blade tools, drag blade tools, punches and creasers.

The Elektron B1 has a single bayonet tool holder and can take all the same types of tools as the Mikron but it can also be fitted with a reciprocating blade tool for low ply cutting and for work where more detail is required than is possible with a rotary blade. The Elektron B1 is an industrial strength machine, able to deliver decades of production work.

Aeronaut's Tangent software is a fast and simple nesting and cutter driving program which is perfectly at home in a garment cutting room. Tangent can import most industry standard file formats and has a mass of features which make your work faster and easier.

While Aeronaut may not be as well known in the garment industry as some of the big US and French manufacturers who offer garment cutters, we have a lot to offer at very reasonable purchase prices with a very low overall cost of ownership. If you are interested to know more, please contact Aeronaut or a distributor or fill in a request for information form on this site.