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Tension Structures

A large number of Aeronaut automated cutters are in use around the world cutting patterns for tension membranes, tents, marquees, lightweight and shade structures.

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There are some very good reasons for this

  • Aeronaut automated cutters are industrial strength machines, ideally suited to this type of wide span cutting.
  • Aeronaut automated cutters can exert close to twice the pressure on a cutting blade compared with other cutters with software controlled tool pressure.
  • Aeronaut has a world of experience in building long length, wide-span automated cutters in all sorts of climates from Saudi Arabia to the Ukraine.
  • Aeronaut vacuum tables come in the size fabricators really need. It doesn't matter if fabric is 2.5 or 6 metres wide, Aeronaut will make a vacuum table and cutter to suit.
  • Aeronaut automated cutters are supplied with the tools you need for the job, whether these are simple tools like cutting, creasing and punching tools, or more advanced attachments such as Aeronaut's Hypergrinder for removing PTFE and PVDF coatings so they can be welded.
  • For wide-span cutting on relatively non-stretchable materials, where accuracy of cutting and marking is essential, a flat bed cutter is the only way to work. Conveyor tables are simply not accurate enough.
  • Aeronaut vacuum tables have a durable, thick and low-cost cutting surface which outlast other table surfaces by at least six times. The cutting surface is smooth and flat, easy to drag fabric over, and gives an excellent edge finish to cut textiles.

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Almost all Aeronaut automated cutters are suitable for working with the materials used in fabricating tension membranes and lightweight structures.

For simple work, or where budget is a factor, the Elektron Mono WS or Elektron Mono EWS are fully featured, hard working and exceptionally reliable machines at an entry level price. 

Elektron Mono WS

If you want the most versatile machine with the ability to carry up to four steered quick change tools, then the Eketron Quattro is the perfect choice.

Elektron Quattro

Both these types of cutter feature Aeronaut's Cam-lock quick-change tooling so you can fit the tools you need to handle any job, effectively future-proofing your investment. All Aeronaut cutters can be fitted with larger diameter or double air cylinders on tool axes. This is standard on axes which may be used for drill-punch work or creasing and optional on other tool holder axes. 

Tool pressure can be controlled in software using an optional digital pressure gauge for consistent cut quality with minimum wear on the cutting table.