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Aeronaut's Elektron B2 Samplemaker was created for packaging.

The Maxis ll was our first multi-tool cutter and was designed at the request of a US packaging company in 1996. It featured Aeronaut's innovative bayonet mount tool holders and was the start of Aeronaut's long relationship with the packaging and box-making industries. The Elektron B2 Samplemaker is the result of years of innovation and experience.

Elektron B2 for Packaging

Aeronaut’s Elektron B2 Sample Maker is a simple, solid and reliable production machine designed to make your work quick, easy and profitable. It doesn’t matter if it’s sample making, point of purchase displays or short run packaging, the Elektron B2 will cut it, 24 hours a day, day in, day out.

And while there are more expensive machines on the market, there are none that can match the Elektron B2’s combination of performance, reliability, low maintenance and affordable purchase price. The Elektron B2 Sample Maker features two steered bayonet tool holders which take a wide range of drop-in tools. Tools can be swapped in a matter of seconds to configure the cutter for different types of work. The Aeronaut vacuum table is a simple, rugged construction. The vacuum area can be split into many individual zones and the table extended on site at any time.

Elektron B2 Sample Maker

For a machine to work profitably, it must be reasonably priced, it must work quickly and reliably, and the cost of keeping it working over the years must also be reasonable. Aeronaut Automation specialises in rational engineering... making the best quality machines for the intended area of work... providing everything essential to the job and making sure it’s engineered to suit the application.

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The Elektron B2 sample maker can be made in almost any cut width and cut length. Small machines are configured for design office sample making and machines are available in full sheet or two full sheet machines for short run work. Machines are made to suit the sizes of board available in different regions and corrugated plants.

Elektron B2 Samplemaker Vacuum table

This feature makes the Elektron B2 the perfect machine for cutting digitally pre-printed board for point of sale display and for short run packaging where two cutting stations can be used. While the machine is cutting in one area, the operator picks the cut pieces from the other area and positions the next board to be cut.

The Elektron B2 is normally supplied with Tangent when nesting is required or DXPlot software when a simple, low-cost program is all that is needed. The Elektron B2 is compatible with a range of packaging industry design software including Illustrator, ArtiosCAD, Impact, Laserpoint, VisionPack, AutoCAD and Aeronaut's own well-priced software, The Boxer.

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For the full story on the Elektron B2 Samplemaker, download the brochure from the Downloads section of this site.