Aeronaut Automation

Automated Cutting Systems & Software

Upholstery, Office Furniture and Motor Trimming

The power, versatility and reasonably purchase price of Aeronaut automated cutters means they are working in many factories specialising upholstery and in new and aftermarket car seats and accessories.

Whether you are making made-to-measure lounge suites, transport seating, just in time or aftermarket seating from leather, woven textiles or combinations of the two, Aeronaut automated cutters can help you do the job more accurately and more economically.

Marine Seating by Beurteaux

You can digitise patterns into the computer using all Aeronaut automated cutters, a laser pointer and a joystick.

The Proliner 3D digitising tool can be used to digitise 3D shapes which are then flattened using Aeronaut's flattening tool into flat 2D shapes. This process has a lot to recommend it since you are working in simple 2D software rather than having to learn more complex 3D programs.

You can also use a digital camera and Aeronauts Silhouette software to automatically scan and trace existing patterns. This system works well in businesses where there are a lot of traditional skills and patterns are developed using paper patterns on the job.

Aeronauts ink jet pen can mark highly textured and rough materials without contacting the fabric. This means coarse woven material and carpets can be accurately marked for improved assembly and production quality.

Office Seating by Beaurteaux Marine Interiors

Patterns can be matched on striped or patterned fabric using Tangent nesting and plotting software and laser alignment pointers for consistent placing of fabric designs.

Using a reciprocating blade cutter in an Elektron B2 cutter, you can cut foam rubber and difficult materials such as foam backed carpet and sound deadening materials.

And being an Aeronaut cutter, the system is expandable to suit the work you do, now and in the future.

Elektron B2 with Reciprocating Blade Cutter