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Elektron Mono WS

Wide-span, powerful, accurate and exceptional value for money.

The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC computer controlled Plotter-Cutters from Aeronaut are rotary blade cutters designed to handle the widest fabrics and the toughest work-loads. The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC are the most affordable of Aeronaut's range of plotter cutters they have been designed without compromise in terms of performance and long service life. All machines in the Elektron range share the same heavy duty chassis which has been designed to span 6.5 metres.

Elektron Mono WS

The two machines are identical in external appearance and feature Aeronaut's new Cam-lock quick-change tooling (Patent applied for). Tools lock positively and firmly in place with perfect indexing of blade height and angle. Tools can be changed in less than 20 seconds. You can fit a wide range of tools to the same machine including rotary (pizza) blade holders in 19mm, 28mm and 45mm diameters, drag blade holders, creasing tools and even a Z axis drill punch. This feature gives maximum performance and versatility from the one machine.

The Elektron Mono LC is unlike any other single steered tool plotter cutter. The Elektron Mono LC carries a single tool shaft which comes from Aeronaut's top of the line four tool Elektron Quattro. The motor which steers the tool shaft is fixed in position it does not raise and lower with the blade holder which gives greater speed and accuracy. For applications which require extreme pressure for cutting and creasing, a higher tool-pressure version is available.

Elektron Mono Desmo Head

In many cases when working with shade cloth, canvas and PVC fabric, a rotary blade will do 95% of the work and there is little call for additional tooling. In these cases the Elektron Mono LC and Elektron Mono WS are economical machines with the versatility of being able to rapidly fit a wide range of additional tooling when this is required.

The Elektron Mono WS is ideal for large pattern work with industrial textiles, tension membrane fabrics, pool liners, tarpaulins and shadecloth where the accuracy, high cutting speeds and low drag of a rotary blade cutter are required.

Both machines are quiet, remarkably smooth running and powerful. The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC work to industry standards of speed, accuracy and repeatability But without the industry standard price tag.

  • The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC are expandable, easily installed, and low maintenance.
  • Both machines are available with an Aeronaut vacuum table or ready to mount to an existing vacuum table.
  • Machines can be expanded in
  • length at any time without extensive rebuilding and re-calibration.
  • Cam-lock quick-change tooling for rapid and accurate tool changes
  • Very easy to use
  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • Smooth and precise cutting
  • Low purchase price
  • Easy servicing
  • Compatible with most software and computers
  • Cheap, widely available consumables
  • Quick installation
  • Expandable
  • Versatile
  • Widely available spares
  • Rigid guide extrusions


  • High performance plotting and cutting
  • Tangentially steered cutting blade with twin instrument ball races for precise cutting
  • Over 20mm tool travel, handles uneven table surfaces
  • Low-backlash Cat drive
  • Optional vinyl sign cutting tool
  • Micro-stepper drive motors
  • Low cost consumable pens and blades
  • Precision ball slide on pen carriage
  • Self centring pen holder ensures quick changes and accuracy with all marker types.
  • Runs from Macintosh or Windows PCs
  • HPGL compatible command language
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional remote joystick control.
  • Cutting widths up to 6.5m (256")
  • Cutting lengths up to 25m (82 feet)


  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • High Speed Operation
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced labour
  • Just-in-Time production
  • Reduced material waste
  • Multiple applications with one machine
  • Simple to use