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Mikron 2

"Twice the speed, half the price".

Mikron 2

That's the comment made by a distributor of an expensive European made cutter when he saw Aeronaut's Mikron 2 perform. The Mikron 2 is a quality machine, made in a limited range of sizes at a very reasonable price.

With two steered quick-change tools, a marker pen holder and an optional gantry-mounted Cyclops camera, the multi-tasking Mikron 2 can handle any work you put on the vacuum table. Fitted with a rotary blade and a creasing tool, the Mikron 2 can be used for cutting almost any roll fabric from carbon fibre to upholstery and fashion fabrics. With a gantry-mounted Cyclops camera, fast and accurate cutting of digitally printed fabrics is a breeze.

Aeronaut’s Mikron 2 is the perfect automated cutter for the package design studio, modelling workshop and archive box making. The Mikron 2 is a fast and accurate industrial-strength machine in a clean, compact format. 

Fitted with a tangential blade and creasing tool, the Mikron 2 is a quick and powerful cutter for archive boxes, point of sale, package design and sample-making and fast enough to be used for short runs. The Mikron uses low-cost off-the-shelf blades and its minimal maintenance requirements make the Mikron as cheap to run as it is to buy.

Mikron 2 cutter head

The Mikron 2 is a versatile multi-role cutter. Carrying two 10 second tool-change Cam-lock tools and a marker holder, the Mikron 2 can be rapidly reconfigured for with a rotary blade cutter, creaser, drill punch or perforating tool as well as rotary perforating tools, marker pens and sign cutting blade holders to handle most sign and packaging cutting from samples to short run and customised archive box production.

The Mikron 2’s compact integrated vacuum table can be fitted with different cutting surfaces. Porous rubber for flat materials such as corrugated board cut with a drag blade or a plastic surface for roll textiles cut with a rotary blade. The Mikron 2 comes in two sizes and with a single phase vacuum pump, it can be run from a standard electrical outlet.

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