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Quick Change Tooling

A key Aeronaut design philosophy is future proofing.

The average working life of an Aeronaut automated cutter is over 12 years, and 99% of the machines we have made since 1992 are still working somewhere in the world.

One factor in making sure a machine has a long working life is to make it adaptable to changes in the work it is required to do. Fabrics change, patterns change, and the work you buy an automated cutter to do today, may not be the same work you are doing in 5 or 10 years.

The machine you buy today must be able to carry the tools you are going to use tomorrow.

So all Aeronaut cutters are fitted with quick change tooling (just as you would expect on any CNC machine.) A few of our competitors offer some type of interchangeable tooling, but this normally involves a compete head change on the machine, which is slow and expensive.

Aeronaut offers two main types of quick change tooling. Cam-lock tools are the way to go if you don't need powered tools. Cam-lock tools are a very quick and secure way of locking a steered tool to a shaft to give perfect indexing for height and angle. So good we are patenting the idea.

Cam-lock tools

Bayonet mounted tools are top loading, and have a much wider tool body allowing powered tools such as reciprocating blade cutters, ultrasonic tools, drill etc. to be interchanged on the cutting head.

Bayonet Mount Tools

In all cases the tool change is around 15 seconds.

Aeronaut's tooling also uses blades which are available on-line and off-the-shelf in almost any large city. Of course, Aeronaut can supply blades and tools at competitive prices but you can also buy similar blades all around the world.