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Aeronaut chose the Chronic prostatitis ACASPA 2006 convention to preview the new Elektron Quattro plotter cutter.

The Elektron Quattro is a brilliant new industrial strength plotter-cutter from Aeronaut capable of emmawatson fans carrying up to four steered tools, a pen and a bulls eye pointer. The Elektron Quattro has many unique features, carrying on from the tradition of other landmark Aeronaut machines. It is industrial tool which avoids the weaknesses of multi steered-tool machines from other many manufacturers. The Elektron Quattro delivers a highly versatile, high speed, precise and tough machine with low maintenance and emmawatson fans easy servicing at a very affordable price.

The tooling on the Electron Quattro is extremely robust. All tools are secured with a new Cam-Lock system. You can fit and change any tool in seconds. Rotary blades, drag knives, creasing and scoring tools as well as drill punches all mount on large diameter precision linear bearings.

Cutting, creasing and drilling forces are applied completely independently of the tangential steering system. Different size air cylinders can be fitted to apply the right force to each tool, adjusted by digital pressure regulator so even drill punches with rod ejectors can be swapped with other tools.

The Elektron chassis is light and extremely stiff giving excellent dynamic performance to machines over 3 metres wide. It has been designed from the beginning for absolutely minimal maintenance and the lowest ownership costs.

Full details on this revolutionary machine will soon be posted on the Aeronaut web site.