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Aeronaut has released two entry level plotter cutters which redefine performance and value for money at this point in the market.

Elektron Mono

The Elektron Mono is built on the same Elektron chassis as other machines from Aeronaut. Since the Elektron chassis is made up to 6.5 metres wide, the performance on narrower span machines is exceptionally good.

The Aeronaut Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC are entry level plotter-cutters designed without compromise. The cutting head is built around a single tangentially steered tool shaft from the Elektron Quattro. This gives several benefits.

The cutting head does not raise and lower when cutting only the shaft and toolholder move. This means faster cutting and a more rigidly mounted tool for greater accuracy. Next, the tool shaft is hollow and takes Aeronaut's unique Cam-lock tooling. So you can mount a full range of industrial cutting tools including a proper drill punch without additional expense.

With the additional power available with the drill punch, the cutting and creasing capacity of the Elektron Mono increases too. And all this comes for the same price as the superceeded Elektron LC and Elektron WS plotters. Both new machines feature Aeronauts revolutionary Cam-lock quick-change tooling so you can swap a rotary blade holder for a drag blade, creasing tool or drill punch in less than 20 seconds with perfect indexing of height and blade angle.

Both plotters carry a universal pneumatically operated marker pen holder. The Elektron Mono WS is ideal for large pattern work with industrial textiles, tension membrane fabrics, pool liners, tarpaulins and inflatables where the accuracy, high cutting speeds and low drag of a rotary blade cutter is paramount. The Elektron Mono LC is a narrow-span version of the Elektron Mono WS.

Its made in cutting widths of less than 2.05 metres (78) and is ideal for composites, sample-making, sail makers and pool liners where fabric widths are less than 2 metres. Theyre both quiet, remarkably smooth running and cost of vasectomy reversals powerful machines. The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC work to industry standards of speed, accuracy and repeatability... But without the industry standard price tag.