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When Aeronaut first saw the Proliner 8 at METS, we immediately recognised that it would revolutionise patterning for some industries.

Proliner 8

One of these industries was swimming pool liners. Most pool liners are fairly easy to pattern. Often the shape is symmetrical and falls into a range of shapes which can be patterned using the Aeronaut Pool Liner CAD plug-ing tool.

However many pool liners are irregular shapes and are difficult to pattern. Because of this, there is a premium on the price, so they are worthwhile doing.

In the past, conventional surveying techniques have been used, but these normally require two people and considerable work. On behalf or our pool liner customers we had been looking for some simple and accurate, one-person measuring device which was like the old digital stick on a string used to measure up the hulls of IMS yachts in the 80s. We even evaluated making one of these devices ourselves.

So when we saw the Proliner at work, we understool the advantages of this type of measuring and we organised to distribute the product on the spot. Then we set about writing special CAD plug in routines to import, format and flatten the 3D shapes which come from the proliner into 2D patterns to speed the patterning process

According to one customer, the results speak for themselves:

One person, one visit. The shape is on the computer ready immediately when the go-ahead is given. It is a massive saving of time effort and money. The pools are being measure in 3-4 minutes. So do not think the tool is not appropriate. For us it is the measuring device we have waited 10 years for! Our measuring process is finally digitised!!!!