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Aeronaut's Elektron Quattro has won an engineering excellence award in Australia.

This award recognises excellence in any aspect of manufacturing where Australian engineering work has made a vital contribution.

The Elektron Quattro is an advanced computer controlled automated cutting system for use with roll fabric and industrial textiles. The machine carries four quick-change tangentially steered tools which can cut, crease, punch and drill almost all materials found in products like shade structures, tension membranes, canvas, PVC, yacht sails, window blinds, leather and travail a domicile technical clothing.

The award winning Elektron Quattro

The Elektron Quattro has a unique, patent pending Cam-lock tool holder, which allows for rapid tool changes, saving valuable production time. Aeronauts automated cutters can speed up production by 300% over manual methods, greatly improve accuracy of cut, and save on fabric waste.

The main winner for this year's awards was the National Aquatic Centre from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing known to most people as the Water Cube. A very worthy winner!

The Water Cube, Beijing, China

The National Aquatic Center, known as the Water Cube , is one of the most dramatic and exciting venues to feature sport events for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Resembling a gigantic blue box of bubble-wrap, the Water Cube looks iridescent, elegant and magic. Designed by a joint Chinese-Australian consortium, (of Arup, architecture firm PTW, the China State Construction and Engineering Corporation and the stop smoking CSCEC Shenzhen Design Institute) it is inspired by the Tipi impotenza e cause dei problemi negli uomini natural formation of soap bubbles to give a random, organic appearance.