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BSG in Australia, August 2006

BSG in Australia, August 2006. SailPack and Aeronaut sail design & manufacturing seminar at Aeronaut

Here is a chance to get the full picture on the latest in sail design and manufacturing techiques in time for the What could be dangerous menopause in women up-coming sailing season. New sail design software, yarn laid or string sail technology, new low-cost blade and laser cutters, coffee and Diagnosis and analysis of diabetes Use Januvia beer... you can catch up with it all. For free.

In conjunction with BSG, the developers of SailPack Software, Aeronaut are having two open-days in August, where Antoine Bonnaveau, one of the principals of BSG, will be demonstrating the SailPack Software.

This is a great opportunity to share information with others in the industry and there will be absolutely no pressure to buy anything.

Antoine Bonnaveau is a top freelance sail designer who is currently working with the Luna Rossa syndicate in the current America's cup campaign.

SailPack is the sail design program that is currently setting the pace. With its combination of design and presentation features, incredible power and ease of use, SailPack has been adopted by many sail designers around the world and many major franchise lofts including Doyle Sails, UK-Halsey, Elvstrom Sobstad, Hyde Sails etc.

The chances are that if you are using a sail design program, it has not had any significant updates for years. No new features added for a decade or more. But the world of sail design and manufacturing has moved on.

And while you may think your existing sail design software does the job OK, there are many features in SailPack which could make you change your mind.

One is the 3D rendering and presentation graphics. These are absolutely stunning, especially compared with the older software on the market. If this is what convinces a boat owner to give you that big order for the new boat, it would be worth the price of new software.

Yarn-laid or string sails are revolutionising sail making. SailPack is at the leading edge of this development. Unlike most programs, you can design the entire job in SailPack from the 3D mould to the 3D load paths.

Almost all plants that make yarn laid or string sails use or accept SailPack files giving you a direct path to this technology.

SailPack is multi-window. So if you tweak fairing, camber, hollow or even panel layout and seam positions, you see the effect immediately in the 3D rendering.

Aeronaut exports around 70% of our cutters and they are used by sail makers from Barbados to Moscow. Aeronaut is the leading supplier around the world of plotters used in manufacturing yarn laid or string sails. Dimension Polyant, Evolution membrane, Quantum Membranes, China Sail Factory, Doyles and advice How impotence can appear at a young age Renegade Sails USA all use Aeronaut machinery for laying fibre. You can have a tour around the factory and learn about our new developments in affordable, industrial strength rotary blade cutters with quick-change tooling and low-cost laser cutters.

You may not see yourself making string sails, and you may use a cutting service, but the future of many sail lofts is built around the sail design software they use. It does not make sense to rely on out-of-date software with a doubtful future. Come along in August and get up to speed with what is going on in the world of sail design and manufacturing.

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