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Texwork 2008

Aeronaut Automation at Texwork 2008 in Strasbourg

Texwork logo 2008

Aeronaut Automation are proud to have been asked to exhibit at the Texwork 2008 expo in Strasbourg. The whole production chain will be represented from builders of machines, equipment and accessories for the technical-textile industry, to machines that weld, cut out, fit eyelets and sew up; plus fabric-tensioning systems, printing equipment, and much more.

Texowork was formerly called Expo-bches. The show is run by Ferrari, the premier supplier of fabric for tensile structures, lightweight structures and architectural coverings. This year Texwork is expanding its focus to include a wider range of gasteizcup com technical textiles.

Aeronaut Automation will have a working Elektron Quattro four tool quick-change automated cutting system on display and Lyme disease Ceftin will have examples of other machines on show as well. Aeronaut distributors Randix (Spain) and Couzin SRL (France) will be on the gasteizcup com stand.

A large number of Aeronaut plotter-cutters are used around the world cutting specialised fabric used in tension membranes, tents, marquees, lightweight and shade structures. Because of Aeronauts focus on industrial textiles, the vast majority of our plotters are wide span and heavy duty perfectly designed for this type of work. Each one is made to the customers specifications for cut width and length.

Automated cutting is the most accurate and profitable way to cut fabric structures. Aeronaut plotter-cutters are the most cost effective machines for cutting roll fabric, and a tool no modern factory can be without.

To make a time to visit us on our METS stand please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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