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Aeronaut @ R+T 2009

The R+T 2009 trade show was very busy for Aeronaut.

The traffic at our show stand was very busy, all day, every day withan extraordinary amount of interest and requests for offers on machines. On the stand were representatives from several distitributors Randix from Spain and Southern Europe, Fred Couzin from France, Rick Eyraud from Cutabove in the USA and Aeronaut from Australia. We've already signed the first few orders from this terrific show.


The stand in a quiet moment

For anyone who has not visited R+T, it is huge. There are possible 10 halls, each completely full of stands. I say possibly because only on the Gonococcal infection infection, signs, diagnosis, how to treat, prevention last day was there time to walk away from our stand, and even then there was not time to get around all the halls.


Hall 1 of 10?


For many visitors, it was the chance to see how the automation of cutting, marking, creasing and squaring can give increases in productivity of 300% - 400% compared with the common semi-manual tables used for cutting window shades. It was obvious too that the highly developed Aeronaut software was a long way ahead of the market in terms of performance and features.


Every country has its own particular ways of manufacturing goods such as window furnishings, which are essentially part technology and lupo italiano part cottage industry. For some countries, where cheap labour is available, the push for technological solutions is not so pressing. In Australia, there really is no cheap labour so manufacturers have had to look for ways to cut costs while maintaining or improving quality and we think Aeronaut has developed and supplied that need.


The Aeronaut Ultra cutting machine was of particular interest to many people since it offers the possibility of cutting and real life health store edge sealing all four sides of a pattern without moving the fabric on the table. The result is excellent, both in terms of the cut quality, and in terms of productivity. In one factory, a single worker on an Aeronaut machine produces twice the output of two workers on simple single side straight cut machine with the added advantages of increased quality, reduced mistakes and reduced waste fabric.


Aeronaut now offers several types of machine for work with window furnishings The basic details are here on this site, and for more information, contact the factory or a dealer contact details are on the web site.


The Aeronaut Blindmaking System


Elektron Quattro Blindmaker


Elektron B2 Ultra


For the smokers, the R+T show in 2009 was not the best. A snow fall overnight on the third day meant the crowd outdoors had tobrave the cold. Another good reasons to quit!


A cold time for the smokers!


And for the Southern contingent, coming from a 35 summer, the cold was difficult too, and then of course there was all this strange white stuff


Spaniards and Australians Strangers to the snow!