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Reciprocating Blade Cutters

Reciprocating or oscillation blade cutters are commonly used in applications like corrugated cardboard and packaging, leather cutting, low-ply cutting of woven fabrics for specialised garments or short runs and for cutting materials like carbon fibre pre-preg where more detail is required than can be achieved with a rotary blade.
Reciprocating or oscillation blade cutters are fitted with a blade which moves rapidly up and down when cutting. This is a different cutting action to the rolling-shearing action of a rotary blade and this, combined with the geometry of the blades, gives good results on some materials compared with rotary blades.
The reciprocating or oscillation blades used on high ply cutters are longer stroke, oscillate more slowly and generally have a vertical cutting edge compared with the angled cutting edge, relatively high frequency and short oscillation length of the blade of a low ply cutter.
Aeronaut's bayonet quick-change tooling was designed to take powered tools like reciprocating blade cutters. Changing blades or swapping between tools takes a mater of seconds. Blades are low-cost throw-away items and a wide range of off-the-shelf blade types can be used.
Because the moving blade of a reciprocating blade cutter penetrates the cutting surface of the vacuum table, table tops are always a soft material such as felt, non-woven carpet, porous rubber or a bristle-like material. A softer sacrificial layer such as this can be laid over a conventional plastic or metal table top so tools like rotary blades, drag blades and even ultrasonic tools can be used as well as a reciprocating blade, giving a very versatile cutting system.
The cutting surface used with a reciprocating blade  does not normally last as long as the harder plastic surfaces used with rotary blades on an Aeronaut vacuum table but is generally lower-cost, much quicker to replace and in many cases, the surface can be flipped to double the life.
Aeronaut's Elektron B2 cutter is fitted with two bayonet tool holders and is commonly used in packaging and display industries where creasing and cutting are required. The Elektron B1 is a simpler, single tool version which is used when a single tool is required for most jobs. Since the bayonet mount can take any of Aeronaut's bayonet mount quick-change tools, either of these cutters can be configured for a wide range of tasks by changing a reciprocating blade tool and if necessary, swapping cutting surfaces.