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Elektron B2 with two Bayonet Mount tool holders

The Elektron B2 combines the accuracy of the Elektron chassis with quick change bayonet mount tool holders. The Elektro B2 is the machine of choice for work such as corrugated box making where reciprocating blade cutters are required and for customers with existing Aeronaut bayonet tools.
Elektron B2 Automated Cutter
The Aeronaut Elektron B2 is a brilliantly versatile heavy-duty plotter cutter which combines the accuracy and reliabilty of the Elektron chassis with the versatility and industrial strength of Aeronaut's well proven bayonet-mount quick change tooling. Aeronaut introduced bayonet-mount quick change tools to plotter cutters in the mid-90's.
Elektron B2 Corrugated Cardboard Samplemaker
Tools can be changed in 10 seconds with complete indexing of tool centring, angle and height. The toolholders lock in as easily and quickly as the lens on a 35mm SLR camera. You can quickly fit a wide range of tools for a multitude of job specific tasks the future demands.
Use a rotary blade cutter for fast cuts and a tangential knife for details Fit a creasing tool for setting fold lines. You can change blades in no time without fiddling about under the cutter head as you do on conventional plotter-cutters.
The large bore steered toolholders allow powered tools such as reciprocating blade cutters to be carried meaning the Elektron B2 can be used for applications where thick and difficult materials have to be cut such as corrugated cardboard, box making, composites, rubber, cork and filter materials.
Elektron B2 Sample Maker
The Elektron chassis is light and extremely stiff giving excellent dynamic performance even to machines over 4 metres wide. And the Aeronaut Elektron B2, like all Aeronaut machines, has been designed from the beginning for absolutely minimal maintenance and the lowest ownership costs.
  • Two bayonet mount steered tools for rapid and accurate tool changes.
  • An optional separate drill punch can be fitted in addition to the two steered tools and pen holder.
  • Machines can be expanded in length at any time without extensive rebuilding and re-calibration.
  • Very easy to use
  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • Smooth and precise cutting
  • Low purchase price
  • Easy servicing
  • Compatible with most software and computers
  • Cheap, widely available consumables
  • Quick installation
  • Expandable
  • Versatile
  • Widely available spares
  • Rigid guide extrusions


  • High performance plotting and cutting
  • Tangentially steered cutting blade with twin instrument ball races for precise cutting
  • Over 25mm tool travel, handles uneven table surfaces
  • Low-backlash Cat drive
  • Optional vinyl sign cutting tool
  • Micro-stepper drive motors
  • Low cost consumable pens and blades
  • Precision ball slide on pen carriage
  • Self centring pen holder ensures quick changes and accuracy with all marker types.
  • Runs from Macintosh or Windows PCs
  • HPGL compatible command language
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional remote joystick control.
  • Cutting widths up to 6.5m (256")
  • Cutting lengths up to 25m (82 feet)


  • Repeatable high accuracy production
  • High Speed Operation
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced labour
  • Just-in-Time production
  • Reduced material waste
  • Multiple applications with one machine
  • Simple to use