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Reduce waste with SiliconEye

The most expensive fabric in a factory is the stuff that's thrown away. SiliconEye can help reduced that waste, quickly and easily.

Nesting into scrap fabric with SiliconEye 

Using SiliconEye, you can throw a piece of off-cut or waste fabric onto the cutting table, take a picture and import it into the background a nesting queue and place patterns right over the photograph.

Nesting into scrap leather with SiliconEye 

There's no more guessing about how big the piece of fabric is or how many patterns will fit. Just drag them over the picture until you've used up all the available material.

If there's space, you can always generate some patch or reinforcement shapes using Tangent's in-built rectangles and arcs creation tool. Of course, using SiliconEye you can always trace the scrap fabric outline, save the queue and wait until you have enough patterns to fit before cutting.

Nesting into scrap fabric with SiliconEye 

SiliconEye is fast, easy to use and low-cost. The few seconds it takes to place the fabric, take the picture and place the patterns is nothing compared to the time it would take to measure a fabric off-cut by hand or the opportunity make a really significant reduction in the amount of fabric you normally throw away.