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Software Joystick

Tangent now has a software virtual joystick feature which can be used to control almost all the functions of a real joystick without leaving the computer.

Tangent's software joystick was developed for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is often much faster and more convenient to jog the cutter somewhere on the table from the computer rather than having to walk from computer to joystick.

Second, if you have bought an entry level cutter, then you have the functions of a joystick without the expense. If you have a solid joystick and break it somehow, the software version is a good backup.

And of course, we wanted a software joystick for the Cyclops machine vision camera because it's faster and more versatile than forcing the operator to run between computer and a remote control panel on the cutter as other manufacturers do.


Most system functions available on the hardware joystick are on the software joystick, so you can test tool down/up speeds, reset the controller, load a default configuration and test fire a laser. Because you can control the jog speed and acceleration with the software joystick, it's very versatile compared with a hardware joystick. 

When used with Cyclops, the full range of alignment and grid generation features are available with the added close up view possible with the Cyclops camera.

The software joystick can also control the full range of actions and parameters used with Aeronaut's fabric feeder systems.