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Conservatory Blinds & Shades

Conservatory blinds and covers are another good example of what can be achieved with plug-in tools.

The complex arrangement of triangles and rectangles would be very slow to draw accurately but with a plug-in tool, the drawing process is automated. All that is required is to enter the dimensions measured on site and the pattern is developed.

As with most plug-ins, it is possible to have a version of the drawing which is fully annotated and dimensioned and another which contains just the patterns, ready for export to cutting and nesting software.

A great feature of plug-in tools is that designs can be reshaped and then saved into a resource library. The next time you need to use a similar shape, you just drag the design out into your drawing and most of the work is already done for you.

With the popularity of ordering products via the internet, plug-ins can be automated so that customer do most of the work for you! Their measurements entered on your website can be used directly in the plug-in so that double entering of measurements is avoided altogether.