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Outdoor Canvas

Outdoor canvas product design with plug-ins.

Many outdoor canvas products like caravan annexes and camper trailers are ideal products for patterning with plug-in tools. It doesn't matter if they are new or after-market replacements, the similarity of many of these products means they can be designed with just a few key measurements.

The finished patterns are complete down to the bag to stow everything up in and include everything from the roof and walls to flyscreens, windows and windbreaks. And if there is some detail which needs more adjustment, the fact that plug-ins run in a fully featured CAD program, means you have the tools on hand to do it easily and fast.

Plug-ins are ideal for repetitious work. We all know that a small change in a design such as needing to be a little wider or deeper, can mean a complete redesign of almost every pattern in the job. Not with a plug-in tool. Changing the key dimensions redesigns the whole job in a few seconds making custom work no more difficult than series production.

While the cost of getting a plug-in tool developed for your designs is a consideration, the payback of reducing design time from hours to seconds is not difficult to work out and would probably amount to just a few days on well-used designs.

Because you don't have to be a CAD expert to use a plug-in tool, design work becomes a less intensive task that many people can do. The implications of this in a small business can be enormous, freeing up key people and giving extra time to selling, installing or taking time off from a business to enjoy life.

If you are interested in automating your pattern design, talk to Aeronaut about what a plug-in tool can do and we can discuss the feasibility and give you a cost for the job.