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Pool Liners and Covers

Instant Pool liners, Pool and Spa Cover patterns! Just add water!

Fabricating pool liners may never be instant, but they could not be much quicker to generate than with Aeronaut pool liner and cover plug-in tools. With a few hours CAD training, a user can generate accurate patterns for hoppers and free form pool liners and covers in less than five minutes.

Starting with a template of the pool style, key measurements are entered and the pattern is reshaped instantly and dimensioned for checking by the fabricator or customer before cutting.

The flattened pattern may be laid out in any number of ways depending on factors such as the fabricators preferences, the pool shape and fabric waste. Standard designs can also be saved as templates to save time. Simple error checking within the program alerts the user to the possibility of measurement errors.

If you work with free-form pools and covers, there are two ways of working. Standard A/B surveying methods will give you a chart of triangulated measurements which can be used to generate a pattern. The baseline and A/B dimensions are entered into the plug-in tool and the resulting shape developed with a smooth outline and offsets as required.

Using a Proliner 2D or 3D digitiser, it is possible for one person to measure complex pool shapes of almost unlimited size and develop a pattern directly from the measurements. Since the Proliners have a screen, the operator can view their results as they go. The measurement data can be downloaded from the Proliner and emailed directly to the fabricator.

3D shapes such as steps can be easily measured with a Proliner and flattened ready for cutting. Alternatively the proliner can be used in the factory to digitise plastic patterns made on-site.

Flat-bed cutters are ideal for pool liners. While liner PVC is quite stretch and high accuracy is not required, cover material for pools and spars is relatively rigid and non-stretchy. The comparatively lower cost and higher accuracy of flat bed machines compared with conveyor tables means they are a logical investment where more than just liner PVC is being cut.

With Aeronaut automated cutters, you can cut very long queues of patterns on a short table. You only need a table as big as the space available and 10-12 metres is normally plenty for pool liners and covers. Pool liner materials can be easily cut with a rotary blade cutter.

Aeronaut cutters and software are continually evolving to meet industry requirements. If you are interested in the possibilities of automating your cutting, please contact Aeronaut with your requirements and specifications.