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ParaSol Umbr…the difficult made easy. ParaSol Umbra is the easy answer to the question of designing outdoor shade structures from beach and cafe umbrellas to conical marquee roofs, market umbrellas and domed fixed awnings.


ParaSol Umbra will let you easily and quickly create finished flat patterns for complex 3D shapes without needing any CAD or draughting experience.

ParaSol Umbra's curve editor lets you accurately define hollow curves for conicals and umbrella edges or rounded profiles for fixed awnings and traditional café umbrellas.  

ParaSol Umbra can create structures with 3 or more sides so new and aftermarket canopies can be fabricated with the minimum of fuss. If you are working with fixed awnings with a dome shape, then just create half the number of patterns.

Designs can be finished with a hollow or straight edge or a range of valance styles included scalloped and vee cutout edges.

ParaSol Umbra is a companion program to ParaSol R&R and ParaSol Awnings. All share the same top-down interface design, fabric and styles database and handle everything from solid fabrics to screens and striped materials. 

Patterns can be developed in seconds and are ready for cutting immediately or for export to other CAD software. ParaSol Umbra… the difficult made easy.

For more information on the ParaSol suite of programs, please contact sales at Aeronaut Automation or see the Window Furnishings section of this web site.