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The Boxer

Now with added FEFCO.

The Boxer is a simple one-click approach to corrugated package design. The Boxer is intended for sample making and short-run box production, where the complete design- to-sample cycle can take less than a couple of minutes and the entire workflow can be managed by people who have little or no CAD experience.

The Boxer is a series of parametric plug-ins for the 2D/3D CAD program Vectorworks. Parametric plug-ins allow a complete carton to be designed by just selecting a style, selecting any options and entering the width, length, height and board thickness... without any actual CAD drawing. The drawing just reshapes as the dimensions are changed. In fact the entire process from selecting the design to cutting it out can be done by somebody with no CAD experience at all, making it an ideal solution for short-run box companies and in-house sample making.

Designs supplied with The Boxer include dozens of standard FEFCO designs, archive boxes, display boxes, corner protectors, filing boxes and more. Designing a box is simply a matter of dragging the design from a resource browser, entering the dimensions and board thickness, and you're done. These re-dimensioned versions can be easily saved for future use if required and because The Boxer works inside a fully featured CAD program, you have got the tools to customise any design.

Unlike many other package design programs, The Boxer outputs a highly optimised file intended for nesting and machine plotting in the shortest possible time. The outline of a box is a single continuous shape designed to cut fast.

Since The Boxer is CAD based, designs can be easily edited and customised, forming the basis for more specialised packaging shapes. Most of the Boxer’s designs offer the user a large number of options but if a design does not completely meet specifications, it can be easily changed.

Vectorworks offers a powerful set of CAD tools allowing the user a great deal of control of the final box and outputs to PDF for presentations and DXF for export to other software. Vectorworks is one of the best 2D/3D CAD programs on the market, cross platform, and very well priced.

The Boxer is an Aeronaut program and is is being continually developed to suit customer's requirements.