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ParaSol R&R is Aeronaut's industry-leading software for the design of roller and roman shades.

For over 15 years, Aeronaut has been developing stand-alone software for the rapid patterning of designs for window furnishings. Aeronaut software is used in factories around the world to design everything from individual domestic shades to huge housing developments and commercial installations.

ParaSol R&R is part of the ParaSol: Made for Shade suite of applications designed for the rapid creation of patterns for all types of roller and roman shades as well as other window furnishings such as drapes, curtains, pelmets and valances as well as specialised products such as outdoor window screens and hurricane protection products.

ParaSol R&R works the way you do. ParaSol R&R is highly customisable and has been developed to accommodate almost any roller or roman design, any fabric and any mechanical feature for supporting or installing the product.

Almost every ParaSol feature can be customised to suit a method of working, whether you work on measured width and drop, cut width and drop and even your own customised designs can be overridden to create special versions to accommodate the widest range of jobs.

ParaSol R&R creates more than just a plain skin. Where required, additional patterns can be created for everything from swags and pulls to pelmets, valances and bonded linings which are scaled or matched in size to the main design.

ParaSol has been developed for speed and accuracy and to eliminate mistakes both in data entry and cutting fabric. The selection of a fabric triggers a range of settings from whether a fabric can be railroaded or not to all parameters for cut and crease speeds and pressures.

When designing roman shades, all the complex calculations used by a factory are taken into account and can be set up to include any formula and take into account factors like shrinkage and the different finished lengths of romans which stretch or finish short because of varying numbers of battens.

Markings can be done in a variety of ways including marking with a pen, marker or inkjet, creased or punched. Features like batten markings can be full width or short, just on the ends of the batten. The marks can be drawn or creased, automatically switched by the selected fabric style.

Ring markings

Ring marks are automatically calculated on roman shades and can be drawn, creased or punched depending on house and fabric styles.

Hurricane Screen

Specialised products such as hurricane screens and other outdoor mesh protection products can be easily customised in ParaSol's simple text-based design files so new products can be made or existing ones edited in-house.

Batten cutouts

Batten ends can have customisable cutouts for use with extrusion battens. The cutouts can be on every or alternate batten ends. The dimensions of cutouts are selected and detailed in each design file where they can be edited in-house if required.  

ParaSol's built-in fabric and styles databases allow simple selection of fabric and styles parameters and database information can be imported and exported as csv files. All design features are plain text files and easily customisable by Aeronaut or the end user.

ParaSol is simple enough to be used alongside a cutting station by the machine operator... a single pattern may only take 15 seconds from data entry to being cut... or ParaSol can be used in the design office and patterns queued up and sent to a cutting station.

ParaSol can also be run in invisibly in the background with Automatic Data Entry, driven by your order management software and queues of patterns sent automatically for cutting with no operator intervention.

For more information on the ParaSol suite of programs, please contact sales at Aeronaut Automation or see the Window Furnishings section of this web site.