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March 2009

Aeronaut @ R+T 2009

Inline Image Aeronaut Automation R+T 2009 The R+T 2009 trade show was very busy for Aeronaut. The traffic at our show stand was very busy, all day, every day withan extraordinary amount of interest and melhores requests for offers on machines.

For many visitors, it was the chance to see how real automation of cutting, marking, creasing and squaring can give serious increases in productivity of 300% - 400% compared with the common semi-manual tables used for cutting window shades. It was obvious too that the highly developed Aeronaut software was a long way ahead of the market in terms of performance and features. Read More

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The Aeronaut Blind Making System

We call the set of parts we supply to people manufacturing window furnishings a "system" because that's what it is! It's a complete set of components from software to connect to your office ordering database to a machine which can mark, crease, cut and square at speed. The main parts of the system are:

  • Rapid Pattern Development Software
  • Simple and fast nesting software
  • User friendly machine control software
  • A multi-purpose machine which can mark, crease, cut and square.

To get the full benefits of automated cutting, it's essential that all the parts of the system work together. With the input of many customers, Aeronaut has been developing this system for more than 12 years. Read More

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Ultrasonic Cut and Seal

Inline Image Aeronaut now offers several types of ultrasonic cutting system to blindmakers.

Cutting tables can be also configured as dedicated ultrasonic cutting machines, or they can be set up as dual purpose tables where part of the table is used for ultrasonic cutting and TYPES OF INFERTILITY CLOMID part for conventional cutting, marking and creasing with blade tools. Read More

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