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Autonesting Video Clips

This page contains short video clips on autonesting, mainly using Aeronaut's NestFab integration.

Aeronaut's Tangent incorporates an effective autonesting feature but for more critical applications, especially where nesting to avoid faults and nesting into irregular outlines is required, Aeronaut recommends NestFab. For more information on this, see:

The videos below show nesting using Tangent and NestFab. The videos are in order of complexity starting with simple nesting and then nesting with locked panels, nesting into irregular shapes with fault avoidance etc. For these demonstrations, the nesting time limit has been set to 1 minute. In many cases, better fabric use can be expected by increasing the nesting time.

Autonesting software varies enormously in capability and performance. For example, some software is great at triangles and others great at other shapes and relatively poor at nesting triangles. Some software does not support nesting into irregular or enclosed shapes or nesting to avoid faults or locked panels. Some nesting software can be bought while other software is charged by annual subscription.

The combination of Aeronaut's Tangent software and NestFab running under Parallels on the Mac offers a very good combination of features, performance and price. Most importantly, the original patterns are not changed in any way by autonesting. Where more complex data types such as splines, arcs and circles are being nested, this may be very important since some autonesting software changes all data types to basic polygons and lines with a resulting poor performance when cutting.

Tangent NestFab Seat Panels

Tangent NestFab Locked Seat Panels

Tangent NestFab Seat Panels in Hide with faults

Tangent NestFab Enclosed shapes locked panels